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The 2013 Canadian F-Class Rifle Team to Raton

Canadian F-Class RifleTeam to Raton

Front: Kevin Chou (Coach), Bruce MacDonald (Coach), Marius De Champlain, Glen Taylor, Bill Watts, Ed Bergsma, Will Chou (Coach)

Middle: Gord Ogg, Sean Thiessen, Richard Dreger, Bill Flintoft (Captain), Les Dolhun, Jonathan Laitre, Mark Iwanochko, Gerry Wiens, Eric Bisson, Bruce Condie, Brian Mylleville, Jerry Teo, Scott Gaalaas

Back: Dave Harry, Alex Tkalitch, Terry Perkins, Barry Price, Steve Baardsen, Darcy Spenst, Trevor McMacken

F-TR Team - 2013 Silver Medalists
F-Open Team
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